St. George's University Student Health Plan provided by WEA LTD.  
  Please note: All SGU students, whether attending class in Grenada or in clinical rotations in the US and/or other locations, would be covered under the scope of the plan regardless of location and country of citizenship.  
  STOP! In order to either enroll in or waive the plan, you must have to following information to complete the process:  
         For students waiving the plan, you will need:
  • Provider Name
  • Provider number
  • Provider full claim address
  • Provider phone number
  • Your Permanent address
  • Your phone number
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Passport Number and country (If you are a Grenadian citizen studying in Grenada, you do not need passport information)
         For students enrolling in the plan, you will need:
  • Your Permanent address
  • Your phone number
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Beneficiary contact information
  • Passport number and country
  • For dependent coverage- – If you are choosing to purchase a plan that covers both you and your dependents, please make sure you have the information for your dependents available. If your dependents are also a US Citizen you will need to provide a social security number for each dependent.
  • If you are a US citizen you MUST provide your Social Security number.
         Please note: Social Security number - In accordance with the new HealthCare Reform Laws, WEA is required by law to obtain sensitive information such as your social security number for reporting purposes to the Internal Revenue Service. This will prevent you from incurring a penalty, †“Individual mandate” when filing your federal income tax return for the 2014 tax year. (†The penalty fee you’ll pay on your 2015 federal income tax return.)
  1. All members enrolled under the St. George’s University Student Health Plan have the option to request a copy of their policy documents, please call 1 (800) 595-1892 or email us at if you would like to receive a copy. Policy documents are also available by login into your Member Profile.
  2. Please click here to learn more about St. George’s University Student Health Plan Prescription Coverage.
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  If you are having trouble logging in please contact 1-631-665-8500 ext 1232 or email MEDINS@SGU.EDU.  
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